Mapogo A Mathamaga has developed a system which has made the time and effort spent on preventing and reporting crime, an easier task. Mapogo A Mathamaga’s success statistics speaks for itself. Over the past forty years Mapogo A Mathamaga has given each of its customer’s peace of mind, and established a fearsome force against crime and criminals. The Mapogo A Mathamaga service is one of the best ways to protect everything which is valuable to you, such as your family and prized possessions. This service is very cost-effective and affordable to everyone. We are invisible, but our warning’s are not!

About Mapogo

seccarMapogo A Mathamaga was established a number of years ago by a group of people who weren’t satisfied with the service they received from the SAPS. The popularity of the group greatly increased within all the population groups of South Africa mostly due to the incredibly high success rate. At registration the client will receive the now well recognizable signs and stickers.

Criminal cases are investigated and dealt with by our agents the real African way. People who are found in possession of our customer’s goods do not have the luxury of long-lasting court cases and being found innocent on a technical point. They will immediately be dealt with in a traditional way to an extent that they will become exemplary citizens serving an integral part in our community. The strength of the shield lies in the community supporting and being on the look-out for suspected criminal activities.

Private Investigations

Private investigations are performed for non-clients. Costs will be determined by the complexity of the investigation.

Undercover Operations

Theft, intimidation and trouble makers in the company can be resolved by placing undercover agents in the company. They gather information which can be used to remove the culprits in different ways.

Alarms And Infrared Beams

Vagrant Removal

Vagrant removal is done in the normal African manner

Remotely Controlled Lights

Community Shield

Electric Fencing

We offer high quality Electric Fencing with a full guarantee for 24 months up to the value of R40 000-00. This includes acts of God i.e. direct lightning strikes. We also do upgrading of existing electric fences.


Polygraphs are done by highly qualified personnel at an additional cost

Immediate Armed Response

Panic System Shops, Retirement Villages, Cluster Complexes


  • 7 Days a week 24 hour monitoring of your premises
  • Immediate guards inside premises
  • Less than a minute response time (to get to your premises)
  • Unlimited number of armed reactions per month
  • Accompanying services – we will accompany you to your home, should you feel unsafe
  • No long term contracts (30 day notice if you would like to cancel)


Done for existing clients and the cost is covered by the monthly payments. The investigations are Limited to the Gauteng area. Operations outside Gauteng will result in additional costs.

Method Of Operation

  • Emergency number monitored 24 hours
  • Client phones emergency number
  • Team responds to call and opens an investigation docket
  • Understand the residential environment
  • Identify potential criminal elements in residential environment
  • Remove criminal elements prior to incidents
  • Display signage on residence
  • Include locals as information source
  • Act on all information
  • Investigate all potential leads
  • Hand out suitable discipline where required
  • Return possessions to owners
  • Hand suspects and criminals over to police after suitably disciplining
  • Maintain the community shield at all costs

Organisational Structurefaces

Managing Member: C J Lubbe
Financial Manager: J Lubbe

Mapogo A Mathamaga
Phone (JHB): +27(0)66 362-0637
Phone (PTA): +27 (0)12 660-1561
Phone (PTA): +27 (0)12 660-2541
Phone (PTA): +27 (0)12 654-9314
Cell: +27 (0)82 979-5091

Your Peace of Mind…