Cluster Homes and Complexes

We provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for your your cluster and complex needs.

The immediate panic response system of Mapogo A Mathamaga is a tried and tested system used in Retirement Villages, Cluster Complexes and Golf Estates. It can also be adapted for any type of community protection system.

Up to 1000 units can be accommodated with ease, apart from the obvious economic advantages, an added advantage of the system is that the control unit is unmanned and is used only to channel the information to the response organization or roving security guards. The response to the panic system is totally under your control and you do not have to depend on an outside organization to react to the problem. The panic message is transmitted from the alarm / panic button or remote control. As soon as the tenant is threatened he activates the panic button / remote, and a signal is sent either directly or via a repeater to the control unit, from this unit the message is sent to the roving guard, or the response organization. 8 members of the body corporate or assigned members, depending on the client.

There are no monthly costs involved (apart from your own guard) as in the case of normal armed response systems. Once the system is paid, the only cost involved will be for the sms’s sent to the cell phones when a panic situation arises. Although the system was primarily designed for retirement villages and cluster complexes it can be used in any community protection situation. In the case where you employ armed / unarmed guards you can have immediate response to any panic situation.


  •  Utilizing secure Code-Hopping Encryption
  • Crystal frequency stability controlled within +/- l00KHz
  • No programming required
  • 8 different send signal time settings which are jumper selectable
  • Intelligent multiple signal receive with buffered time outpu
  • 6 hour ‘System Alive’ test supervised signal output


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  • Housing Estate Panic Systems
  • Retirement Village Panic Systems
  • Farm Panic Systems