Electric Fencing

Statistics of clients that installed Electric fencing

Before Installation:
  • 95% were burgled before they decided to put up electric Fencing
  • 78% were burgled more than once
  • 70% lived in the same house more than 10 years without ever being burgled
  • 65% had some type of alarm system installation
  • 30% had very expensive alarm systems
  • 50% clients in Pretoria never activated their alarm systems
  • 80% had a vague idea of what they wanted with respect to the electric fence or what it would cost
  • 100% had no definite specification of the fence required, even though they asked for several quotations. They also depended largely on the “Gift of the Gab” of the sales person.

The premises in Johannesburg, Sandton and Randburg areas are becoming so well protected by electric fencing, alarms and armed response companies that criminals find it more and more difficult to penetrate these defences. The result of this is that areas in Pretoria such as Fearie Glen, Moreleta Park, Rooihuiskraal, The Reeds, Wierda Park, Swartkop and Eldoraigne are becoming more and more attractive to the criminals.

Yet even with this rapid increase in crime we still find the following responses:

  • I can’t afford an electric fence. (What is the value of your own life and that of your family?)
  • These electric fences look so ugly. (An empty house?)
  • I have lived in this area for years and I have never been burgled. (It is a pity that the burglars are not aware of this)
  • I have two vicious dogs to protect me. (Experience in Johannesburg has shown that dogs are not a deterrent for the hardened criminal)
  • We live in a “safe area”. (The criminals were not informed)
  • What about my cat? (What about your life – our experiences over 10 years have shown that cats do not get shocked by electric fences)