Meet the Managing Member

Charles Lubbe – is the owner and Managing member of Mapogo Amathamaga. He served in the SA Army (Corps and Signals) for 26 years and highlights of his career include:

  • Serving an apprenticeship in Radar (anti-aircraft), qualified in 1966 and worked as a technician until 1970.
  • Receiving a commission in 1970 and being appointed as Technical Instructor at the School of Signals.
  • Serving as Staff Officer Weapon Systems at Chief of the Army and then as Staff Officer Electronics Warfare at Chief of the Defence Force.
  • Appointed as second in Command of 4 Electronic Workshops (1978 – 1979).
  • Appointed as Officer Commanding of 6 Signal Unit (SWA) responsible for Telecommunication and Logistics Support for the Operational Area.
  • Appointed as Senior Staff Signal Projects (Colonel), as well as Senior Staff Officer Signal Finances at Chief of the SA Army. Responsible over a period of six years for new development in Telecommunication and Optical Equipment (night vision and thermal imaging equipment) for the SA Army until his resignation in 1988.
  • Completed 12 months of System Engineering under Prof. Sparrius of the University of Pretoria.
  • Completed a Logistics Management Course at the University of Pretoria.
  • Joined Electro Optics (PTY) as Managing Director in 1988, guiding the company turnover of R10 m in 4 years of sales to the defence industry.
  • In 2002 Colonel Lubbe decided to concentrate his attention on Mapogo Amathamaga.
  • Since this period over 5000 electric fences, several palisade fences, alarms, security walls etc. have been erected mainly in the Gauteng area.

Mission of Mapogo Amathamaga Security Products

  1. To satisfy our customers by:
    • Providing quality products at reasonable and competitive prices.
    • Providing quality and aesthetically acceptable installations.
    • Providing quality after-sales service and technical support.
    • Cultivating long-term relationships with our clients.
    • Always acting courteous and friendly towards our clients.
  2. To keep abreast with the latest advancement in technology in the security field so as to provide the very best to our clients.
  3. To assist prospective clients in determining their exact security status and needs.
  4. To assist our clients to draw up specifications of their security needs, so as to obtain more than one quotation and to make well informed decisions.

Areas in which Mapogo Amathamaga can be of assistance to new / prospective clients, as well as existing clients.

  • Free inspection of premises to determine the full security requirements of that client.
  • Drafting of specifications in order to obtain more than one quotation. (Including evaluation of quotations)
  • Determination of maintenance requirements and drawing up of maintenance contracts.
  • Upgrading of existing security systems.

Mapogo Amathamaga Services

Security products we specialise in:

  • Alarms Systems – From Simple to High-Tech
  • Electric fencing – Simple and Multiple zones
  • Close circuit television – Full Spectrum
  • Guard Monitoring and Control
  • Infrared Beams – Single and Multiple Beams
  • Palisade Fencing – Gates – Motors
  • Security Lights – Including Infrared Systems

Mapogo A Mathamaga was established a number of years ago by a group of people who weren’t satisfied with the service they received from the SAPS.

The popularity of the group greatly increased within all the population groups in South Africa mostly due to the incredibly high success rate. At registration the client will receive the now well recognizable signs & stickers.

Criminal cases are investigated and dealt with by our agents the real African way. People who are found in possession of our customer’s goods do not have the luxury of long-lasting court cases and being found innocent on a technical point.

They will immediately be dealt with in a traditional way to an extent that they will become exemplary citizens serving an integral part in our community.

The strengh of the shield lies in the community supporting and being on the look out for suspected criminal activities.