Protecting businesses & communities effectively!

Many thousands of companies & homes became members the past few years. Mapogo A Mathamaga became an integral part of the security of these members. 85% of these members who display our boards & stickers on their premises & property never experience criminal activity of any kind.

Of the one percent that have experienced criminal activity, over fifty percent’s possessions have been successfully recovered and returned to their rightful owners. In many instances criminal activity has been identified and prevented before it happened. We have less than two incidents reported to us by our total client base monthly.

We have a client in Selby, an area with a high crime rate. She has never been attacked or bothered while the same cannot be said for her neighbors who are persistently harrassed. Mapogo A Mathamaga works.

Our aim is to eliminate elements that cause criminal activity prior to it taking place.

This makes Mapogo A Mathamaga one of best crime prevention services available.

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